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Bulk Waste Disposal

Large bulky items such as bicycles, couches, tires and old appliances are not collected as part of residential or commercial waste collection services.

These items should be taken to the landfill for safe disposal. Alternatively, DEH provides bulk waste removal services either through  grab truck or commercial container rentals. (Please see DEH Fees for the cost)

In November/December DEH conducts a special clean-up campaign for bulk waste. Dates and locations are usually advertised in the newspapers and on radio stations.

 Container Rental & Servicing

The department offers daily container rentals and container servicing to the public. Arrangements can be made by visiting the business offices in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Please see DEH Fees for cost of container rentals and servicing.

Service request for Special Events/Community Events

The public can request the department services for special events. The request must be in writing and sent to the DEH Director for approval. This request may be sent via one of the following options:-

By mail to 

DEH Director
Department of Environmental Health
P.O. Box 1820, Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands KY1-1109

By email to

 Last updated: 2017-11-10