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The role of the Public Relations & Education Officer is to support the work of the DEH by generating and maintaining a high level of public awareness regarding all aspects of environmental health and solid waste matters. This includes the following activities:

  • Conduct presentations on littering and recycling in all schools.
  • Keep the community informed about DEH activities through press releases.
  • Participate in national events to raise awareness on DEH matters.
  • Produce educational material on DEH topics.
  • Promote recycling and other waste reduction activities.
  • Promote the anti-littering message.
  • Provide assistance to the community for clean-ups.

The Public Relations & Education Officer offers the following services to the public:

  • Conduct media interviews on Environmental Health related topics.
  • Conduct presentations and lectures on  related environmental health topic such as food safety, waste management etc.
  • Make arrangements for tour of the GT Landfill & DEH Laboratory.
  • Provide assistance with recycling programs/projects.
  • Provide an informational booths at national fairs and other community events (career fairs, school fairs, expos).

To request the above services, please email or send a letter to the Public Relations & Education Officer at least 1-2 weeks in advance of the date of your proposed activity.

Last Updated: 2017-11-10