Reduce Holiday Waste

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Published 18th December 2018, 9:6am

Christmas is the most festive time of year. During this time, families, friends and colleagues get together for lavish feasts and the exchange of gifts. Consequently, the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) accepts a significantly higher amount of garbage in its landfills during the five-week period from 1 December to 7 January; than any other time of year.
Here are a few tips that the DEH has put together to help you reduce your post-holiday waste by at least one third, this year.
• Be a conscious shopper. Purchase foods packaged in recyclable containers such as type 1 & 2 plastics, tin & aluminium cans, glass, paper or cardboard boxes. Remember to recycle them at one of DEH's supermarket depots afterwards.
• Give quality gifts. Higher quality gifts tend to be more durable and will not end up in a landfill as quickly as some cheaper alternatives.
• Gift an experience. Gift ideas such as gift certificates and event tickets are a great way to eliminate packaging and post-holiday waste.
• Send Electronic cards (E-Cards). Opt for e-cards instead of paper greeting cards. If you decide to use paper cards; remember to recycle them at one of DEH’s supermarket depots afterwards.
• Wrap gifts with recyclable gift paper or place them in reusable gift bags.
• Use reusable cloth bags when doing holiday shopping. Play your part to reduce the many plastic bags that end up in our landfills each year.
• Make a good impression. Avoid using disposable cups and plates during holiday dinner parties this year. Use fancy crockery, napkins and glassware to set the tone for a fabulous holiday feast and reduce waste.
• Compost kitchen waste. Instead of discarding all of your kitchen waste; try starting a small compost heap in your backyard using all of your compostable kitchen waste. Your plants will thank you for it.
Ensure that remaining waste is safely packaged and containerised in anticipation of pick up. DEH collectors will pick up these items on your scheduled collection days.
To ascertain your scheduled garbage pick-up day or to locate DEH recycling depots, individuals may visit DEH website at They may also contact DEH via telephone at 949-6696 for additional information.
The management and staff of the DEH wish you all a blessed Christmas season and a prosperous 2019.