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Published 23rd April 2018, 2:35pm

As part of community outreach for Earth Day activities this weekend, the

Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is providing support to more than

5,000 clean-up  volunteers.

This includes the provision of dumpsters, grab truck

services, bags, gloves and garbage pick-up services.

“We are very pleased to be able to support Earth Day

clean-up efforts this weekend,” said Minister for Health, Environment, Culture

and Housing Hon Dwayne Seymour. “As we continue to address issues at DEH, we

are doing all that we can to not only strive for efficiency in that department,

but to help residents understand how they can reduce waste in the first place.”

In line with the theme “End Plastic Pollution” for this

year’s Earth Day (Sunday, 22 April), DEH is encouraging residents to cut down

on plastic pollution by recycling and observing the following tips:

  1. Recycle type 1 & 2 plastics. These

    are mostly utilised as water and soda bottles and are also identified by

    the abbreviations PET and HDPE respectively.

  2. Properly

    clean plastic items and remove from plastic bags before depositing them

    into recycling containers. 

  3. Deposit plastic recyclables at either

    the 24-hour drop-off site at the George Town landfill, or one of the DEH

    recycling depots located at each of the major supermarkets on Grand