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Published 11th May 2018, 5:19pm

Informative and thought-provoking are some of the words that Department of Environmental Health (DEH) team leaders used to describe Thursday’s (3 May 2018) two (2) hour presentation on Employee Engagement.

The audience of DEH managers and supervisors listened attentively while Marcia Murray, Human Resource Manager, Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing (HECH) with enthusiasm and clarity, explained some of the conditions that are crucial to fostering employee engagement. She challenged members of the audience to find ways to engage and motivate their staff while highlighting the need for team members to shoulder some responsibility for their own engagement.

Chief Officer in the Ministry of (HECH) Jennifer Ahearn, who delivered a part of the presentation stated, “The presentation provides managers with a platform to assess their own approach to employee engagement. Employee engagement is one of the most critical elements in the creation of a more productive workforce”.

When asked for her thoughts on the presentation DEH Human Resource Officer Gretel Rawcliffe commented, “The session reminded us of the fundamentals of employee engagement and it is certainly a fact that engagement PAYS” She continued by referencing South West Airlines which is renowned for having one of the most engaged workforces in the world. “There, employees are engaged in every aspect of work life and are empowered to be a part of decision making processes. Hopefully, this is where the Cayman Islands Civil Service is headed”, she stated.

The presentation which took place in DEH boardroom was structured around the findings of the 2017 Civil Service Engagement Survey and has been presented to team members of four (4) government departments to date.