DEH Increases Recycling Containers

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Published 12th December 2018, 12:12pm

The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) today (12 December) added a combined total of three new recycling containers to two of its supermarket recycling depots.
Two of the containers were placed at the recycling depot located at Kirk Market and double the existing number of recycling containers for type 1 & 2 plastic as well as for mixed paper at that location.
The third container went to Hurley's Grand Harbour and will be available for the recycling of type 1 & 2 plastics.
"We anticipate increased purchasing activities during the holiday season," says Acting Director, Richard Simms. "It is an opportune time to encourage persons to recycle."
The DEH will also increase the number of recycling containers for depositing type 1 & 2 plastics as well as mixed paper and cardboard at each of its depots at
Foster's Food Fair during the next few weeks. At the end of which, a total of 11 new recycling containers will be available across all six depots.
Containers for recycling tin & aluminium cans and glass/ceramic items are also available at each of the six supermarket depots on Grand Cayman.
DEH collectors empty recycling containers on Monday, Thursday and Saturday of each week.
The DEH urges members of the public to remove recyclables from plastic bags before placing them into recycling containers.
The department further reminds the public to place only clean recyclables into its recycling containers.
Please call the DEH at 949-6696 for additional information about its recycling program. Individuals may also send an email to, visit the DEHs website at, or message its Facebook page at