Safe Treats During Halloween

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Published 30th October 2014, 9:42am

Treats, given out during Halloween activities, are a welcome component that every child looks forward to receiving. Many different items are given to children as treats and parents need to ensure that these treats are safe to eat. To prevent illness or injury to children, the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) is reminding parents to follow these essential food safety tips below:-

DEH Food Safety Tips

  • Insist that kids wait until they get home to eat sweets or food items—after parents or other adults have inspected their treats;
  • Give children a snack or light meal before they set out ‘trick or treating’ to help restrain any impulse to eat treats before returning home;
  • Discard any home-made items such as candy or baked goods treats that kids bring home;
  • Remove any choking hazard such as gum, peanuts, hard candies or small toys during treat inspections.
  • Inspect commercially-wrapped treats for signs of tampering. Look for unusual appearance, discoloration, tiny pinholes, or torn wrappers. Discard anything that appears suspicious;
  • Ensure that juice or cider is not left unrefrigerated for extended periods before consumption. Unpasteurised juices and cider (labels will indicate this) are especially vulnerable;
  • Wash all fresh fruit thoroughly, inspect for holes and other blemishes, however small, and cut them open before allowing children to eat them. ‘If in doubt, throw it out’;
  • Beware if your children have food allergies; examine food labels—some Halloween treats may trigger allergic reactions in some kids.

For further information on food safety, please contact DEH at 949-6696 or visit the DEH website at