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Published 30th October 2014, 9:39am

Department of Environmental Health (DEH) officials are reminding residents to follow proper guidelines for garbage disposal. Doing so will help ensure that garbage waiting for collection will not be hazardous, either to the public or DEH collectors.

“Officers have noticed that garbage enclosures are not being kept clean and sanitary,” said DEH Director Roydell Carter. “Property owners or agents are responsible for keeping these areas well maintained. Residents should be mindful of their collection day and only put out garbage on their assigned collection day”.

All customers are encouraged to only place their waste by the roadside for collection based on the following schedule:-

  • Mondays – From Crystal Harbour / Governor’s Harbour to West Bay inclusive of the side roads.
  • Tuesdays – From Safe Haven / West Bay Rd including Harbour Heights to South Church St, Walkers Rd, Smith Rd, Templeton Pine Lake area, Shedden Road, North Sound Road, Breezy Way, Eastern Ave, Mary’s St, Rock Hole, plus the side roads.
  • Wednesdays – From Windsor Park, South Sound Rd, Crewe Rd, Bobby Thompson Way, Half Way Pond, Randyke Gardens, Prospect Point Rd, the entire Prospect area including Patrick’s Island and the side roads.
  • Thursdays - From the junction of Shamrock Rd / Prospect Point Rd. to Will T. Dr. in Bodden Town and this includes Spotts, Homes off the East-West Arterial road plus the Savannah / Newlands area and the side roads.
  • Fridays - From Will T. Drive eastward inclusive of Northward, Bodden Town, East End, North Side and the side roads.

For more information regarding garbage collection, contact DEH’s solid waste unit at 949-8793 or 949-6696 or visit the DEH website at