Secure Your Dogs!

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Published 20th October 2010, 3:34pm

An appeal from the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) reminds dog owners that their animals must be confined to secure areas in order to avoid endangering departmental staff.

Officers confirm that a dog seriously injured a garbage collector in the course of his duties in September; he was treated at the Hospital and is presently on leave recovering from his injuries.

"At DEH we are most concerned about the situation. Our workers should not have to worry about being attacked by animals during the course of their duties," commented DEH Director Roydell Carter.

"This matter is under investigation, but meanwhile, we are seeking cooperation from the public. If there appears to be a threat, we will leave garbage uncollected."

According to the Animal Law (2003) section 40, it is the responsibility of every dog owner to ensure that the animal does not injure anyone. Failure to comply may lead to charges being brought against the owner.

For further information, contact DEH at 949-6696.