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To arrange for slaughter services, persons should call 947-3090.

Published 6th December 2010, 3:7pm

Department of Agriculture officials (DOA) advise the public wishing to use its abattoir services this Christmas season of the following:

  • The last day for livestock pick up will be Wednesday, 22 December.
  • The last day of slaughter will be Thursday, 23 December.
  • The last day to deliver carcasses/meat is Friday, 24 December.
  • All livestock intended for slaughter are required to be rested for 12-24 hours at the abattoir holding pen prior to slaughter.
  • The fifth quarter (head, feet, liver, kidneys, etc.) must be picked up by the client on the day of slaughter.
  • The DOA continues to offer pick up of livestock, slaughter and carcass/meat delivery services FREE OF CHARGE.

To arrange for slaughter services, persons should call 947-3090. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name; telephone number; type and number of livestock you need slaughtered; the preferred date of slaughter; the preferred date for delivery of carcass/meat and where you want the carcass/meat delivered to.

The management and staff of DOA and the government abattoir wish their clients a Merry Christmas and a productive 2011.