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Organize neighbourhood clean-ups to target problem areas. Archive image

Published 29th October 2009, 12:28pm

Rounding off Cayman's celebration of October as Beatification Month, the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) reminds residents that working towards beautiful surroundings is a year-round effort.

Residents can do their part to keep things clean and green by doing the following:

  • Construct proper garbage enclosures;
  • Use lidded garbage containers to deter vermin and dogs;
  • Keep your own property clean;
  • Assist your community's elderly and others needing help to maintain their property;
  • Organize neighbourhood clean-ups to target problem areas; and,
  • Report illegal dumping and littering to the police.

"Every individual can make a difference by committing to a healthier environment," said DEH Public Education & Promotions Officer Tania Johnson. "Cayman is our home so we should do whatever we can to keep our surroundings clean."

For further information, contact Tania Johnson on 949-6696 or 743-5952.