Making a Complaint?

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Published 30th July 2008, 3:1pm

To speed response time, the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) Complaints Officer asks the public to provide the following information when making complaints.

"Provide the exact physical address of the location where the complaint is taking place, including the house number and street address; the block and parcel number; and the owner's name, if possible," says Complaints Officer Sheron Whilby.

Clearly communicating this information to DEH makes a huge difference in response time, she explains.

"We deal with many different types of complaints on a daily basis," Ms Whilby says, "and we try to resolve each complaint within 48 hours or less. But if callers do not have the exact address, our response time will be tremendously delayed."

Rodent infestation; illegal dumping; improper food handling; dead animals; and improper disposal of household and commercial waste are some of the problems that spur people to call DEH officers. "Basically, we assist with anything in the environment that affects your health." Ms Whilby notes. "The department really appreciates the public's assistance with the elimination of such nuisances."

Persons with complaints may contact Ms Whilby by calling 949-6696 or 244-4145, or e-mailing her at