Landfill Monitoring

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Landfill Monitoring involves the collection of water samples from wells and surface water around Cayman Islands landfills. The water is tested using over 75 parameters as set out by international standards such as the 40 CFR Ch. 1(7-1-96 Edition) Part 28-CRITERIA FOR MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE LANDFILLS.

The DEH Lab tests for the following indicators of landfill pollution :

  • Physical parameters such as pH, conductivity, dissolved solids and turbidity.
  • Chemical parameters such as total organic carbon, ammonia, nitrogen and chemical oxygen demand.
  • Metals such as lead, arsenic, iron, chromium and mercury.
  • Volatile organics such as benzene, tetrachloroethene, vinyl chloride.

Landfill monitoring reports can be viewed by the public upon appointment. An appointment can be made by contacting the FOI Manager at 743-5952 or emailing

Last Updated: 2014-05-30