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Safety Guidelines

Guidelines for the Operation of Day Care & Pre-schools
Guidelines for the operations of day cares and preschools
Guidelines for the Operation of Tourist Accommodation Properties
Development Control Guidelines (2009 Revision)
Guidelines for Burial at Sea
Food Safety at Outdoor Events
Importation of Human Remains and Ash
Indoor Mould Remediation in Buildings
Tattooing, Body Piercing Body Art Establishments & Procedures
Geared towards preventing ill health, infections and to generally protect the publicís health.
Guidelines for the Operations of Beauty Salon & Barbershops
Guidelines for the Operations of Temprary, Itinerant and Jerk Facilities
The objectives of the guidelines are to reduce/minimise the risks to health, safety and well being of patrons/guests, employees and employers.
Production and Supply of Bottled Water
These guidelines give advice to bottled water plant operators on how to comply with the requirements of the Department of Environmental Health for the safe processing, packaging, storage and supply of bottled water in the Cayman Islands.
Guidelines for the Operation of a Tourist Accommodation Properties (Hotels, Condominiums & Guesthouses)
Hotels, Condominiums & Guesthouses.
(HPA) Guidelines for Assessing the Microbiological Safety of Ready-to-Eat Foods Placed on the Market

WAC and DEH Specifications for Garbage Enclosure
Final - Jan 2021
WAC BMPs for Mobile Car Washing