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A Common Pest House Flies
Bottle Water Coolers
Ensuring Safe Drinking Water.
Camping Guidelines
Child Safety
Cigarette Litter
Cistern Safety Maintainance
Facts on Mould
Food Safety in the Kitchen
Cooking food to the proper temperature kills harmful bacteria.
Garbage Disposal Do's & Don'ts
The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) reminds residents of the proper ways to dispose of household and commercial garbage.
Garbage Dumps
Get a Grip on Litter
Guidelines for Bonfire
Importation of Human Remains
Lead Poisoning
Practice these guideline to keep leftovers safe.
Lunch Box Safety
It is important to keep our children safe from foodborne illness by following the recommended safety guideline, which are designed to assist in the safe and hygienic preparation of packed meals for kids.
Rodent Control
Starting Your Own Recycling Program
Plan How the Recyclable Will be Moved from Inside Collection to Pick-up by DEH.
Used Cooking Oil Recycling
Used Motor Oil Recycling
Recycling is very important for the health of our planet.
Managing Your Household Garbage
The DEH reminds residents how to properly package and containerize their garbage
3Rs Managing Waste
Get tips on how to reduce the amount of garbage one generates through reuse and recycling.
Garden Waste Guidelines for Landscapers
DEH provides guidelines for the management of garden waste to all landscapers.