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Bonfires can pose numerous hazards to the public. Smoke generated by bonfires can negatively affect persons who suffer from respiratory illnesses while improperly extinguished hot coals can be a fire hazard. 

Members of the public are therefore prohibited from burning waste/bonfires unless prior approval is granted by the DEH.

To obtain approval for a bonfire,  the following information and fee needs to be sent to the DEH.  

Required Documents

  1. A signed letter address to the DEH Director requesting permission to light a bonfire on the beach or park in to the Cayman Islands. This must be sent via one of the following options:
    • By mail to

      DEH Director
      Department of Environmental Health
      P.O. Box 1820, Grand Cayman
      Cayman Islands KY1-1109 

    • By email to

    • Please include the following:
    • Contact's name & phone number.
    • Proposed bonfire location.
    • Date, time and duration of the fire.

      All requests should be made at least 48 hours prior to the lighting of the bonfire.

  2. An administrative fee of CI $ 25 CI / US $ 31.25 (cash/local check/local bank draft).

    If sending an international bank draft, the fee is US $100.00. (Due to CI Government treasury policy, the department cannot accept international bank drafts under US $100.00.)



Last Updated: 2017-11-14