Facility Inspections/ Food Premises Inspections

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Food Premises Inspections

Food Premises inspections are carried out to determine whether food business operators are compliant with DEH food safety guidelines and are offering food that is safe for consumers.

Inspections are undertaken on a risk based system that is determined by key factors such as:

  •  Types of food provided and the methods of food handling employed.
  •  Size of the businessí customer base.
  •  State of the businessí physical infrastructure and its maintenance program.
  •  Compliance with food hygiene requirements
  •  Whether there are high risk processing activities e.g. manufacturing of cook-chill products.
  • The level of confidence in the establishmentís management.

DEH requires by that all food handlers receive supervision, instruction and, where necessary, training in food hygiene upon commencement of their work duties and will examine necessary records to ensure that training meets DEH requirements. 

For further information on food hygiene inspections,  please contact DEH at (345) 949-6696.

Last Updated: 2017-06-15