Inspection of Imported Foods

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DEH officers inspect and examine imported foods that arrive into the Cayman Islands. Chilled and frozen shipping containers are inspected to ensure that the food that is brought into the country is safe, wholesome and fit to eat.

It is imperative that the food is kept in a satisfactory condition during transportation and unloading and as such DEH staff check for the following:-

  • Adequate storage methods to prevent contamination of foods.
  • Date coding and durability of product.
  • Pest infestations.
  • Satisfactory temperature control during transportation.
  • The occurrence of mould and other forms of contamination e.g. physical and chemical contamination.

Where it is found that a consignment does not meet these food safety requirements, DEH can seize and condemn foods to prevent them being sold for human consumption. Food Condemnation Certificates can be issued when this occurs.

Last Updated: 2014-05-30