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There are approximately eight hundred (850) commercial food establishments located throughout the Cayman Islands. These contribute significantly to the islandsí economy and play a vital role in the tourism industry. Nevertheless, these establishments all have an obligation to ensure that the foods they produce are safe for consumption.

Food safety inspections are a means by which the Cayman Islands Government ensures that these foods are wholesome and safe to eat. Environmental Health Officers assigned to the Food Safety Unit of the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) are responsible carrying out these inspections.

In order to ensure that these duties are met the Food Safety team undertakes the following activities:

  • Condemnation of foods that do not meet food safety requirements.
  • Food premises inspections.
  • Food hygiene training.
  • Inspection of imported foods.
  • Inspection of locally slaughtered animals for public consumption.
  • Investigation of cases of food borne illness.
  • Sampling of food and water.
  • The recall/withdrawal of unsafe food products.
  • The investigation of consumer complaints concerning food and/or food premises.

For further information about food safety, please contact DEH at (345) 949-6696.


Last Updated: 2017-11-07