Building & Swimming Pool Inspection

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Proper pool design and construction are necessary to safeguard life, limb, health, property and public welfare.

All swimming pools and spas are subjected to plan review and inspections by DEH. All swimming pools must be build and operated according to DEH development control guidelines.

Before constructions, all pools and spas must be evaluated and plans approved by the DEH Engineering section.

After construction and prior to operation, the pool or spa is inspected to ensure that it had been constructed in accordance with the proposals contained in the approved plans and specifications.

Once in operation, swimming pool and other water features used by the public  are monitored by DEH to ensure compliance with DEH regulations. This include (but not limited to) swimming pools located at tourist accomodations, restaurants, schools or locations accessible by the general public; private homes are not included.

Swimming pool plans can be submitted directly to DEH office. An administrative fee of CI $25.00 is payable upon submission.

Last Updated: 2014-5-23