Development Control

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The department reviews development applications and conduct final certificate of occupancy inspections to ensure that each development complies with the relevant environmental health laws, regulations, and guidelines.

The review process represents a commitment by the DEH to protect humans from the threat a polluted environment poses to human health, aesthetic and cultural enjoyment, social & economic well-being.

The department provides, within the context of the existing laws and regulations, a set of criteria, or guidelines that will assist architects, designers, contractors and owners in properly designing environmental pollution control systems that will ensure compliance with the relevant standards required in the Cayman Islands and facilitate Good Environmental Engineering practice.

Plans should first be submitted to the CI Planning department, who will then forward the plans to DEH for evaluation.

Swimming pool plans can be submitted directly to DEH. An administrative fee of CI $25.00 is payable upon submission.

Last Updated: 2014-05-23