Cemetery Management

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Public cemeteries in the Cayman Islands are managed by the Department of Environmental Health. Private cemeteries are monitored by DEH to ensure that vaults are constructed to DEH specifications.

The department is responsible for the allocation of land for burial, design and construction of burial vaults. The maintenance of the grounds and landscaping is carried out by the Recreations, Parks & Cemeteries Unit (RPCU) in Grand Cayman and the Public Works Department in Cayman Brac & Little Cayman.

The construction and maintenance of headstones and other grave monuments is usually the responsibility of the families of the deceased.

The public cemeteries are:-

West Bay District

  • West Bay by the Fire Station (Closed: all vaults are sold)
  • Boatswain Bay
  • North West Point

George Town District

  • Dixie (Closed: all vaults are sold)
  • South Sound (Closed: all vaults are sold)
  • Prospect
  • Spotts (Closed: all vaults are sold)

Bodden Town District

  • "Old" Bodden Town across from the  Bodden Town Clinic (Closed: all vaults are sold)
  • "New" Bodden Town located on the same side of the road as the Bodden Police Station, going East.

 East End District

  • East End
  • Gun Bay

North Side District

  • North Side
  • Old Man Bay

Cayman Brac

  • West End
  • Stake Bay
  • Watering Place
  • Creek 
  • Spot Bay 

Little Cayman

  • Little Cayman

Vault Purchase

Vaults can be purchase by visiting the DEH Grand Cayman office at 580 North Sound Rd or District Administration in Cayman Brac, and paying the fee of CI $1200.00 for an adult size vault or CI $ 600.00 for a child size vault.

Last Updated: 2014-5-23